27 August 2019

Tiana Kai writes about Palazzo del Moro

Thanks to Tiana Kai (travel blogger with 56k follower on Instagram, social media manager, influencer marketing and content marketing creator) for this amazing post dedicated to […]
4 August 2019

Your place in Florence

Your Place In Florence brings together our three very special locations: Palazzo Belfiore, Palazzo San Niccolò, Palazzo Del Moro. From the three Palazzi, enjoy easy access to the city’s […]
3 August 2019

Palazzo San Niccolò Firenze

Located, literally on the other side of the Arno river in an area affectionately known by the locals as the Diladdarno area, Palazzo San Niccolò takes […]
1 August 2019

Palazzo del Moro on Alitalia Ulisse

“IF THE HOTEL TURNS INTO A HOME” The new issue of Ulisse, Alitalia’s official magazine in its summer issue speaks of Palazzo del Moro, Palazzo Belfiore […]
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