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Sights And Attractions You Can’t Miss

There is no better way to exploit the full potential of a city than discover one of the unique and unmissable exhibitions it offers. Also, exhibitions are a great way to spend some cool hours on a hot summer day or a warm afternoon when the weather outside is quite chilly.

The 13th of June a curious installation appeared in Piazza della Signoria: a mulberry tree under a metal scaffolding shaped like a dodecahedron. This peculiar installation is in honour of the new exhibition entitled “La Botanica di Leonardo”, that takes place in Florence ( in Piazza Santa Maria Novella)¬† from the 13th of September to December 15th. As a matter of fact, the mulberry (Morus Alba L.) was one of the most loved plants by the man of genius and the universal talent of the Renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci. For the ancient Greeks, the Dodecahedron was the symbol of the entire universe, the “quintessence” that makes up the heavenly bodies and the soul.